Art of Contrast: 40+ Expressive Illustrations

Art of Contrast: 40+ Expressive Illustrations

Inspiration Art of Contrast: 40 Expressive Illustrations by Malika Favre Get inspired with diverse and impressive collection of illustrations by a famous artist Malika Favre: magazine and book covers, posters, and much more. Let us share a new dose of digital art inspiration with you as well as add another prominent name to D4U Gallery. Today we invite you to plunge into illustration art by Malika Favre, a famous French artist based in London. Her style of illustration is expressive and bold, outstanding and easy to recognize. She skillfully plays with colors and contrasts, takes impressive advantage of negative space, tells much with a minimum of details, and creates powerful visual stories full of elegance and sophistication. All that made her one of the high-demanded graphic artists and brought her to the major publications and brands: her list of clients includes The New Yorker, National Geographic, Vogue, BAFTA, Sephora, and Penguin Books. Today, we’ve collected here a bunch of eye-catching and harmonic artworks by Malika Favre. Dive into the art of contrast, enjoy, and get inspired! Editorial Illustrations and Covers Bafta On the Draw: Canary Islands Sephora Beauty Illustrations from Diverse Projects Check more projects by Malika Favre on her website and Instagram For more inspiration, check the examples of awesome 3D illustrations, black and white illustrations, 3D portraits of famous people, dog illustrations, childhood illustrations, and other posts from our D4U Gallery in which we gather impressive creatives to share their art with you. 2D art, art, D4U Gallery, D4U Inspiration, design, design collection, design for marketing, design inspiration, digital art, digital artist, digital illustrations, editorial, famous artist, graphic design, illustration, illustrator, inspiration, magazine design, English Russian Ukrainian  » Read More

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