WeTransfer Wants You to Conquer your Fear of Drawing #Apps

4 months ago
WeTransfer Wants You to Conquer your Fear of Drawing

Vacansopapurosophobia, or the terror of staring at the blank page, is an exotic name for a common affliction. The crippling, self-conscious sensation of not knowing how to begin a creative task is especially familiar to adults who attempt drawing. Now, WeTransfer, the Dutch file transfer service that features unique artwork with every download, has introduced a service that helps people to draw. Called Paper Store, the service aims to erase the sense of dread that comes from putting pen to paper. It offers capsule drawing lessons from professional illustrators. For $2 a pop, one can doodle along with British illustrator Jon Burgerman or learn to draw mind maps with San Francisco-based artist Catherine Madden. The tutorials aren’t MasterClass modules, but simple drawing prompts to get people into the habit. The Paper Store is a clever scheme for highlighting WeTransfer’s sketching app called Paper. In a quest to expand its business,…

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