Intelligent Apps for a Promising Future #Apps
3 months ago
Intelligent Apps for a Promising Future

Early mobile users were content with basic apps such as the Calendar, Calculator, and Clock, but, with the advent of smartphones came an abundance of apps to assist us in every way possible. Today, you have an app for everything and anything, so businesses need to focus on providing a user-friendly experience rather than just maintaining a mobile presence. Next came the shift in trends towards intelligent applications, technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have become growth stimulators in various industries. With the integration of more and more systems and devices, AI has become the mediator between machines and humans. The era of intelligent applications dawned when application developers succeeded in integrating AI into software applications. The rise in demand for advanced analytical tools, and an improvement in technologies such as big data and analytics, has led to the growth of the intelligent apps market. Intelligent apps…

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