Coleslaw: Static Site Generator in Common Lisp #Apps
5 months ago
Coleslaw: Static Site Generator in Common Lisp

Czeslaw Milosz was the writer-in-residence at UNC c. 1992.I used to see him all the time at the Hardback Cafe, always sitting at a two-topdrinking coffee, reading, writing, eating chips and salsa. I remember a gentlenessbehind the enormous bushy eyebrows and that we called him Coleslaw. – anon Coleslaw is Flexible Lisp Blogware similar to Frog, Jekyll, or Hakyll. Have questions? Features Example Sites See the wiki for a list of coleslaw-powered blogs. Hacking A core goal of coleslaw is to be both pleasant to read and easy tohack on and extend. If you want to understand the internals and bendcoleslaw to do new and interesting things, I strongly encourage youto read the Hacker’s Guide to Coleslaw. You’ll find somecurrent TODO items towards the bottom. Installation Coleslaw should run on any conforming Common Lisp implementation buttesting is primarily done on SBCL andCCL. Coleslaw can either be run manually on a…

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