Admire & Amaze: A Magical Experience by Dept and de Bijenkorf

Admire & Amaze: A Magical Experience by Dept and de Bijenkorf awwwards.com3 months ago in #Web Design Love26

It’s secure to mention that the sensation of experiencing one thing magical is the most efficient there may be. It opens your thoughts and makes you take into accounts stuff you by no means idea conceivable. To be dazzled, impressed and in love: that’s magic. So, when de Bijenkorf requested us: “Can you create one thing magical for the vacations?”, we didn’t hesitate. We had been able. De Bijenkorf — the Netherlands’ maximum well known, inspiring and ingenious division retailer — seduces with taste and conjures up with attractiveness. That one-of-a-kind sensation served as the perfect theme for a vacation marketing campaign in 2021. It used to be time to mirror their magical identification and inform an ideal tale. DEPT®, Dogstudio, and de Bijenkorf began their collaboration to create a mystical, branded enjoy that digitally brings de Bijenkorf’s superb buying groceries enjoy to lifestyles on this Admire & Amaze marketing campaign. Admire and Amaze An mesmerizing tale the place trade, logo and magic all come in combination. Together with de Bijenkorf, we began in search of an enjoy to go beyond standard buying groceries routes: an enjoy this is outlined by inspiration and marvel. With artwork path, a storyboard, fairytales and surrealism as an inspiration, we reworked a visible and interactive thought into a mystical trade enjoy the place 2D and three-D meet. The Admire and Amaze marketing campaign for Bijenkorf From thought to manifestation To succeed in that magical feeling that we adore such a lot, we went in search of a spot the place it looks like fantasies can come to lifestyles: the wooded area. And now not simply any wooded area, an enchanted one. We created unique merchandise, a flying bee and a mystical wooded area for de Bijenkorf’s virtual enjoy. We explored how shall we form this right into a user-friendly and mesmerizing tale the place trade, logo, and magic all come in combination. Buzzing bee When guests are surfing de Bijenkorf’s on-line retailer, they’re shocked by a bee humming round. The bee takes them to a 3-dimensional global. When clicking at the bee, it embarks on a adventure of discovery thru an enchanted wooded area, taking the customer with them. The bee leads the guests thru rustling leaves, whispering timber, and good mild, marvelling on the luxuriously introduced merchandise and inspiring them to really feel the similar method. During the flight, the bee leaves in the back of a path of glints. We collaborated with Myriam Wares – an illustrator identified for her enjoy with surreal environments – to create the wooded area illustrations. Additionally, we made planned color possible choices to steer clear of precise replication of the wooded area, however so as to add a surreal and magical contact. As with an actual wooded area, we see how the wooded area involves lifestyles within the virtual enjoy. It’s interactive. For instance, leaves sway up and down in keeping with the customer’s cursor motion. The audio has been thought to be as nicely; all through the adventure, we’re surrounded by acquainted wooded area sounds, to offer the person a complete enjoy. For instance, after we fly previous an owl, we pay attention it. The Buzzing bee Fairytale Subtle hints to Christmas tree adorns — which might be to be had at de Bijenkorf — also are illustrated and included into the wooded area, comparable to a ladybug on a tree. Finally, we tie the goods along with a story. We created a tale with ten brief sentences that all the time seem within the context of a brand new product, immersing the customer much…

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