A Simple Guide to What Investors Usually Want to See in a Pitch Deck

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Raising money for your startup could be difficult. Every investor wants to see a solid pitch deck, but what exactly do they want to see? We’ll cover all of that for you in this article! If you’re raising money for your startup, having an amazing pitch deck is a major component of fundraising. A great pitch deck can make a potential investor interested in your ideas and engage them in a conversation about your company, hopefully leading towards them offering to bankroll it. For this guide, we’ll be going over what should be included in your pitch deck to properly excite the investors. Several authors, venture capitalists, and start founders have built their version of what they consider important elements to successful pitching presentations. We’ve found that the following format works best for most companies and is more likely to cause interest from potential investors. Reason for making this pitch deck When making a pitch deck the reason for its creation shouldn’t be to raise money. While this may sound like strange advice, the real reason why you are making a pitch deck is to get to the next meeting. You need to keep in mind that your pitch deck and the presentation for it will most likely be the first thing an investor is seeing to learn about your company. Furthermore, because investments rarely conducted after a single meeting. The main objective here is to stir interest in your business. You want the investors to ask for more once they’ve heard your pitch and not turn you away. The main reason behind a deck is to get to the next part, which is getting another meeting and a request for further details. Slides to include in your pitch deck Here’s where we reveal what investors want to see on your pitch deck. The Problem The slide covering the problem should be used to explain what gap you are trying to fill in the market. This part needs to be a problem that people can generally relate to and that investors would not have trouble understanding and sympathizing with. Additionally, you are only resolving a single problem. Not multiple ones. You need to come across as someone prepared to resolve this situation. Just keep in mind, don’t spend to much time on the competitive landscape for this slide, you’ll be able to do that on a later slide. If possible, try and tell a relatable story when you are explaining the problem. The more you can make the problem as authentic as possible, the more your investors will come to understand the business and its goals. Airbnb pitch deck reveals the problem they were trying to solve with their business. Keep in mind when investors decide to get involved with your venture it’s likely because of one of the following reasons: They have experienced similar issues in the past. There is a clear sense of ROI in the future for them Their professional expertise makes them understand the issue. The solution The solution needs to be done concisely and clearly. Especially if the startup your pitching is tech-related, your solution needs to be scalable. Scalability is the function of the system to increase its total output under an increased load when resources ad included. This is what investors want to see. A company in which they can invest so the wheels can run quicker. Furthermore, it does make sense on the solution slide to outline why it makes sense. As you may have become aware, timing is vital in the business world and being at the right time in history…

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