A Complete List of Discontinued Microsoft Products

Thanks for the Memories Microsoft Microsoft was founded in 1975 and has an incredible legacy of software that permeatesevery nook and cranny of computing. As you can imagine for a company over forty years old,they’ve moved on from a lot of things when they saw better opportunities. As they say, innovation doesn’talways follow a straight line. What follows is a nostalgic graveyard of sorts. This is a list of all the software, hardware, andservices we could find thatMicrosoft sunset at some point,without producing direct descendant follow-on versions that were a straightforward replacementfor the end-user.Many of these are remembered with fond memories! Some of these products were simply shut downand never heard from again.Some were were deprecated and had various features moved into adjacentsoftware platforms, leaving the old software to become obsolete and eventually unsupported. The products are broken out into specific categories, sorted by year of discontinuation.A lot of research went into creating this catalog, but as you can imagine,information can be hard to find about many of Microsoft’s early applications — especially thosefrom the 1970s and 1980s.Please contact us if you havemore items to add to the list, or discover inaccuracies. Thanks! This page is a work in progress and more products are being added constantly aswe work through our backlog of research and notes. Total: 343 Microsoft products shut down. Last updated December 10, 2019. Microsoft Chart (1984-1988)Microsoft Stat Pack (1989-1992)Microsoft Small Business Consultant (1989-1992)Microsoft Site Server (1996-1998)Microsoft Vizact (2000)Microsoft BackOffice Server (1994-2001)Microsoft Data Analyzer (2002)Microsoft Schedule Plus (1992-2003)Microsoft Business Scorecard Manager (2005-2006)Microsoft System Center Reporting Manager 2006 (2005-2006)Microsoft ProClarity Analytics Server (2006-2007)Microsoft ProClarity Desktop Professional (2006-2007)Microsoft ProClarity SharePoint Viewer (2006-2007)Microsoft Office Accounting (2008-2009)Microsoft Works (1987-2009)Microsoft Commerce Server (2000-2009)Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server (2007-2009)Microsoft Content Management Server (2002-2009)Microsoft Customer Care Framework (2003-2009)Microsoft Money (1991-2010)Microsoft SharePoint Workspace/Office Groove (2006-2010)Windows Essential Business Server (2008-2010)Windows Home Server (2007-2011)Microsoft Forefront (2007-2013)FAST Search Platform (2008-2013)Microsoft InfoPath (2003-2014)Sunrise App (2015-2016)Microsoft Forecaster (2010-2016)Dynamics Retail Management System Store Operations (2006-2016)Dynamics RMS Headquarters (2006-2016)Microsoft Management Reporter (2004-2016)Dynamics Marketing (2014-2018)Adxstudio Portals (2015-2018)Microsoft Parature (2014-2018)Power BI Workspace Collections (2016-2018)Visio Services in SharePoint Online (2010-2019)Windows Business Scanning/Distributed Scan Management (2009-2019)Office Apps for Windows 10 Mobile (2015-2021)Microsoft V-Chat (1995)Microsoft Cardfile (1985-1995)Microsoft Comic Chat (1996-1999)Microsoft Personal Web Server (1995-2000)Microsoft Outlook Express (1996-2001)Microsoft NetMeeting (1996-2007)Windows Messenger Service (2000-2008)Microsoft Entourage (2000-2008)Windows Meeting Space (2006-2009)Microsoft Voice Command (2003-2009)Microsoft Office Live Meeting (2007-2011)MSN Messenger/Windows Live Messenger (1999-2012)Microsoft SharedView (2007-2012)Windows Live Mail (2007-2014)Internet Explorer Mobile (1996-2014)Windows Essentials (2006-2014)Microsoft HelpBridge (2013-2014)Microsoft Internet Explorer (1995-2015)Skype Qik (2014-2016)Microsoft Agent (1997-2018)Outlook Groups (2015-2018)Microsoft Teams Progressive Web App (2018)Skype for Business Online (2014-2021)Microsoft Fine Artist (1994)Microsoft Creative Writer (1993-1995)Microsoft 3D Movie Maker (1995-1996)Microsoft GIF Animator (1996)Microsoft Image Composer (1993-1998)Microsoft PhotoDraw (1995-2000)Imaging for Windows (1995-2002)Microsoft Photo Editor (1997-2003)Microsoft Picture It! (1996-2005)Microsoft Digital Image (2003-2006)Microsoft Photo Story (2006)Microsoft FrontPage (1995-2007)Portable Media Center (2004-2007)Microsoft TrueSpace (1994-2009)Microsoft AutoCollage (2008-2009)Microsoft Expression Media (2006-2010)Zune Media Software (2006-2011)Microsoft Expression Design (2007-2012)Microsoft Expression Encoder (2007-2012)Microsoft Expression Web (2006-2012)Windows Desktop Gadgets (2006-2012)Windows DVD Maker (2007-2012)Windows Photo Viewer (2002-2012)Microsoft Office Picture Manager (2003-2013)Windows Media Encoder (2003-2013)Windows Live Writer (2007-2014)Windows Media Center (2002-2015)Windows Journal (2002-2016)Microsoft PhotoSynth (2008-2017)Windows Movie Maker (2000-2017)Windows Photo Gallery (2003-2017)Microsoft Sort (1982-1986)Microsoft Pascal (1980-1988)Microsoft QuickPascal (1989)QuickC (1987-1991)Microsoft COBOL (1980-1993)Microsoft TASC Applesoft Compiler (1981-1993)Microsoft BASIC (1975-1995)Microsoft Fortran (1977-1995)Visual Test (1992-1996)Microsoft Liquid Motion (1998-2000)Microsoft Java Virtual Machine (1996-2002)Microsoft Active Desktop (1997-2003)Visual J++ (1999-2004)Microsoft Visual SourceSafe (1994-2005)Managed DirectX (2002-2006)Visual FoxPro (1992-2007)Visual J# (2002-2007)Microsoft Transaction Server (1997-2008)Speech Application SDK (2004-2009)Microsoft Oslo (2007-2010)Business Intelligence Development Studio (2008-2010)Windows CardSpace (2006-2011)IronRuby (2010-2011)Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio (2006-2012)Microsoft WinDiff (1992-2012)Microsoft Blend (2007-2012)Microsoft Pixelsense (2008-2013)Microsoft WebMatrix (2010-2013)WinHelp (1990-2013)Microsoft XNA (2006-2014)Microsoft Silverlight (2007-2015)Project Astoria (2015-2016)Microsoft Lightswitch for Visual Studio (2010-2016)Project Spark (2014-2016)SharePoint Designer (2006-2016)Windows Azure Caching (2013-2016)Microsoft AppFabric (2010-2017)Azure RemoteApp (2014-2017)Windows App…

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