9 Types of Digital Marketing & How to Use Them

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Are you looking to boost traffic on your site to attract more buyers to your business? Digital marketing is not just a word roaming around networks. You have to understand the types of digital marketing. You need to use the latest methods to stay on top of digital marketing competition and stand out from the crowd. In this article, we will discuss the main facts of digital marketing. Here I will also tell you the importance and the 9 types of digital marketing. Also, you will know how digital marketing an effective part of your overall marketing strategy. What Is Digital Marketing Most people don’t understand the right meaning of digital marketing and they got in trouble. Digital marketing is any type of marketing for products or services that uses electronic devices. Digital marketing is nothing new. Digital marketing started when electronic devices entered our lives. Most of the people assume that digital marketing is all about content marketing and social media. While these are the types of digital marketing, they are not all-encompassing. Digital marketing can be online and offline. We will also go through the offline digital marketing so that you will know in-depth about digital marketing. You need to know both forms of digital marketing for a perfect marketing strategy. If you still have confusion about why digital marketing matters at all, then read on! Why Digital Marketing Matters The time that we spend connected to our electronic devices increases every day. In fact, Americans spend 11 hours each day using electronic devices. That might scare you, but we spend every waking hour on electronic devices. Digital marketing is more important and efficient than ever before. Without digital marketing, you will look like standing alone. Look at the following types of digital marketing and think which one strategy should work for your business and best for your industry, your audience and your company. Types of Digital Marketing Now it’s time to dive head first into 9 types of digital marketing. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)Search Engine Marketing and Pay-Per-Click AdvertisingSocial Media MarketingContent MarketingAffiliate MarketingInfluencer MarketingEmail MarketingViral MarketingMobile Phone Advertising1. Search Engine Optimization Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process of growing your online visibility in terms of (organic) search engine results. SERPs or search engine results pages appear to users after they search for a given keyword or phrase using a search engine like Google or Bing. Each user interact with an individualized results page based on the written keywords, the user’s location, the time of searching, and their browsing history. Organic search results appear in a list and are ranked using the search engine’s algorithm. It’s algorithm changes with the user search and engagement with online content. The higher you rank on a SERP, the more organic traffic is directed to your site and the more chances of making an organic visitor an active customer. How to get your company’s website at the top of a user’s organic search results? By optimizing your website using SEO Search engine optimization includes many factors from keywords to content to links to your website around the web. It includes both Off-page SEO and On-page. On-page SEO refers to the steps that you take for your own website to boost your organic SEO. Off-page refers to the connections that you make and perform actions for your website to empower using SEO. SEO trends change as algorithms change to fit user needs. In this way, SEO is not about building a website for the sole purpose of ranking high in a search engine results list. SEO is about designing the best…

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