9 Best Type Foundries for When You’re Sick of Google Fonts

Google Fonts might be the de facto first choice of many web designers, but there are many more web font options out there if you know where to look. To be clear, there’s nothing wrong with Google Fonts. In fact, there are tons of reasons to use Google Fonts in your projects: they’re free to use, licensing is simplified, and they generally load pretty quickly on the web. But what if you want to shake things up and give other options a try? You can! The only problem is that there’s a bunch of them, which can make finding the right typeface for your project a tedious chore if you don’t know which ones to focus on. If you’d rather not get lost down this rabbit hold while researching typography for your next project, I’ve collected 9 of the best type foundries for web designers here. The list of type foundries below could’ve been much longer. There are some font designers coming up with really cool-looking typefaces these days. That said, I want to make this worth your while as you have little time to waste as it is. So, you can expect each of these foundries to have the following: Filtering and sorting so you can quickly find the typefaces that matches what you need;A bountiful set of type resources;A modern selection of typefaces — this means they’re mostly minimally designed serifs and sans serifs. Outlined type as well as hand-lettered nostalgic type are also accounted for;Multilingual-friendly typefaces;Reasonable prices. Let’s hop right in…   1. Colophon Foundry Colophon Foundry has been in operation since 2009, right around the launch of the WOFF file format and general acceptance of web fonts. Unlike older foundries that often draw on their history in typesetting, Colophon’s designs reflect its modern beginnings. Highlights: There’s an impressive and expansive portfolio of multilingual typography to leverage;Fonts can be previewed as white-on-black, black-on-white (Dark Mode!) and sometimes in other color combinations;You can use the Google Chrome extension to test Colophon fonts on your website before buying.   2. Dalton Maag Dalton Maag is an international typography studio that makes it easy to test out its already cost-effective library of fonts before you buy. Highlights: It has a great selection of modern and clean typography designs;Many fonts have case studies you can peruse to see real world uses for them (and get inspiration for your project);Most typefaces work with more than one alphabet (e.g. Latin, Cyrillic, Greek) and you can quickly see a preview of those glyphs by scrolling through the font sliders.   3. Emigre Fonts Emigre, Inc. is an award-winning company that’s been around since 1984 and was originally a visual communication and design magazine. Emigre Fonts was later founded and has received numerous accolades along the way. Highlights: It has a reasonably-sized collection of stylish fonts (there are less than a hundred as of writing this);Fonts can be filtered by family, style, and language making it much easier to narrow your search;Examples of their fonts can be seen everywhere, from the Type Specimens page to Emigre Magazine back issues.   4. Fontfabric Founded in 2008, Fontfabric has developed custom fonts for big-name brands like Nike while making its extensive library of fonts readily available for designers who want a premade font. Highlights: While users have to pay for most fonts, there’s a great selection of free fonts (or font intros) to work with, too;Many of the premium fonts allow you to review the full glyph map, test the font with custom text, and see a relevant case study;Good option for web designers building sites and…

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