4 Reasons Why You Need to Be Doing Design Research

It’s good to occasionally be reminded that the real world doesn’t exist behind a screen. As a digital product designer, I spend most of my time looking at and creating things for screens. Even if you’re not a designer, odds are you spend much of your time doing the same. When I inevitably look-up from my screen I’m reminded that everything which exists behind it does so only to serve everything outside of it. Every app, every website, even the tweets we send and the Instagram posts we make, serve some purpose in the real world. They make our commute a little bit easier (or harder), our relationships stronger (or weaker), or our minds a little more open (or closed). Our work inside the screens affords actions outside it. Digital work unlocks real-world emotions, in-person communication, even possibilities previously unavailable to some. This is in no way a novel concept. And yet… Many people devote themselves to the screen and only the screen. They seek inspiration solely from behind the glass. They believe their use cases are entirely about the screen and what it can do, they fail to acknowledge the remarkable diversity of the real world and the edge cases it brings. Ironically, these screen-obsessed individuals only ever occasionally look away from a screen in order to meet some physical constraint in their small bubble: the honking of a car passing a little too close or another person equally glued to their screen brushing by on the sidewalk. Digital workers—particularly designers, researchers, and writers—would do well to remember that everything we do that exists behind a screen is only valuable in so far as what it adds to the world outside the screen. It’s good to be reminded of the real people—with stories and hopes and fears and physical constraints and busy schedules—who use the digital artifacts we produce. It’s important to be reminded of the beauty of the non-screen world—the natural parks and architecture and artworks—that provide foundations for all the digital work we do. It’s valuable to be reminded of the physical constraints and levers—the broken glass screen and slow internet and burgeoning phone bills—which should inform many decisions that go into our work. If you really want to be inspired or motivated, don’t spend all your time looking around other websites or apps, but instead step outside into the real world and go somewhere you’ve never been before. Look up once in a while and really take notice the world around you. The one with everything in it you need to feel inspired, motivated, or aligned with your work. The world doesn’t exist behind a screen, the world is everything outside it. URL Out – https://tannerchristensen.com/blog/2019/10/15/were-not-designing-for-screensAuthor – tannerchristensen.comDate – 2019-10-18 22:54:49

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