37 Font Pairing Trends in 2019

Fonts and font pairings are one of the most crucial parts of a design. It allows you to create a wide range of effects and moods by utilizing different styles of typography. Choosing the right font combination for your projects can make a huge difference. You’ll be able to create beautiful and compelling designs instead of dull and lifeless ones. So which fonts look good and work great together? Read on to find out! Best Font Combinations Goods Suisse Works and Suisse International Suisse Works is about the clarity of information, simplicity, and structure. It’s a serif typeface and created by Party of Swiss Typefaces. It’s also under the superfamily of Suisse fonts. It has a text face similar to the style of the good old Times New Roman.  It will pair perfectly with a neo-grotesque typeface like its counterpart, the Suisse International. The font has a design that follows the style of Helvetica and other Swiss neo-grotesque font faces. There are some subtle differences though which are more noticeable in terminals and counters. What makes the Suisse family great is that it creates a massive superfamily when paired together and works harmoniously at that.  Suisse WorksPrice – Approximately USD 161.59 or CHF 160 Suisse International CollectionPrice – Approximately USD302.99 or CHF300 Kinfolk Domaine and Feijoa When you want your design to have a distinctive presence, this font pairing is perfect for you. Domaine is the kind of typography that can make even the worst word look good. The pretty font comes with organic and yet precisely controlled forms with ragged serifs adding to its naturalistic appearance.  It has an elegance that will work best with the typeface Feijoa, which has similar traits with Latin serif script. It doesn’t have straight lines providing a sensuous and warm contrast to Domaine. The functional typeface also features rounded corners and curved straights that can provide your overall design with stunning calligraphic quality.  Feijoa’s curvaceous nature is just the right contrast to the mindfully deconstructing style of Domaine.  DomainePrice – USD300 (Text Family) USD1,000 (Complete) FeijoaPrice – USD150 (Family) Useless Suisse Work and Andale Mono The font combination is a beautiful contrast of classic and contemporary that works really well with a modern design.  The monospaced sans-serif Andale Mono font-face is created in 1995 by Steve Matteson. Its purpose is to provide programming with an extremely legible font for usage. It is used to come with Microsoft Windows as one of their core fonts but is now bundled with Lucinda Console.  Both typefaces evoke simplicity and work well on the text. While Andale Mono is highly readable even in small point sizes, Suisse Works is highly effective when set at large point sizes for your headings. Andale MonoPrice – USD89 Creative Boom GTF Opposit and GT Walsheim The font pairing of GTF Opposit and GT Walsheim works really well for a billboard, posters, and ad campaigns where you want to make an impact at first glance.  Opposit is best at sending out strong messages that you want to many people to see. The eye-catching typeface is a high contrasting sans serif with reverse contrasts from average fonts such as the GT-Walsheim.  The opposite contrast with thicker horizontal strokes and thinner vertical strokes is balanced by the interesting characteristics of the geometric sans, GT-Walsheim. GT OppositPrice – Approximately USD385 or EU350 GT WalsheimPrice – USD1080 (Pro-Family) or USD720 (Family) WePresent Fakt Pro Normal and ITC Clearface The font pair will give your design a unique touch combined with a 70’s feel. Fakt comes with geometric and grotesque characters making the font somewhat unusual. You…

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