16 Top Illustrators to Follow in 2020

Illustrations were once the primary means of communicating powerful visual messages to a wide audience. But with the development of photography, the popularity of this art form faded. Over the last few years though, illustration has been making a steady comeback, gaining importance again. And for a good reason. Illustrators provide us with authentic, personalized, and recognizable solutions, even more so than photographers. Illustration allows us to express all of our ideas, no matter how abstract they may be. It can breathe life into any project and help spark people’s imagination. Because of all that, illustrations have been widely used everywhere, from explainer videos and educational content, to animation projects, diagrams, and various other types of graphic content. The understanding of this art form and the approach to it have changed over time, but the way we use illustration has remained pretty much the same. Illustrations can be utilized to describe and explain things, criticize people or ideologies, or simply adorn projects. They also help elicit an emotional response from observers and stir their thoughts. With so many creative people out there, both new and already established, it wasn’t easy to pick out 16 top illustrators. But we’re certain you’ll draw some inspiration and even perhaps learn a trick or two from each of the names on our list: We hope you’ll enjoy our selection!  » Read More

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