15 Tools Web Designers Should Try in 2020

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Last updated: December 10, 2019 Tools web designers and web design agencies should try in 2020 Note: Make sure to bookmark this post, because we will continue to update it weekly with new tools we test. Designing for the world wide web is easier than ever. Every day, there is a new tool that is “the last web design tool you’ll ever need”. Most of the time, its a load of shit. When I first started, I spent hours looking for the easiest way to design a website (using Photoshop) and turn it into a website. Eventually, I learned enough about WordPress to buy and install themes and boom, I was a “web designer”. It didn’t take long for me to realize that I was going to have to step my game up if I wanted to start making the big bucks. So, I decided to learn to write code. While I still try and keep up-to-date with new development tools and coding languages/frameworks, design is still my forte. With all of the software testing I do, there is still tons of features (or software as a whole) I am hoping to see in the future: Version control for designers – this should come standard with all design tools.Better code export functionality – a few tools are getting close but most seem to focus more on apps than websitesEasier client feedback – again, a lot of tools do offer this, but most still seem to need some work We have a select group of tools we use for all of our web design projects, but we still love testing the new ones that come to the market. A breakdown of some of our web design software categories:Best wireframing toolsBest prototyping toolsBest web design feedback and collaboration toolsBest handoff toolsBest project planning task management for web designersThe best wireframing, project planning, and user-flow software for web designers in 2020#1 Flowmapp – Best for creating sitemaps and user-flow graphs Flowmapp is one of our favorite tools because of its simplicity. With Flowmapp, you can easily map out your website’s sitemap. In our process, we will create our sitemap in Flowmapp and share it with our clients so they can visually see their list of pages and how they will be grouped. It also gives them a good idea as to how we intend to group pages within the website’s navigation. To make it even cooler, Flowmapp also has a User Flow tool that allows you to create an anticipated user-journey to create a conversion strategy. Software overview:Platforms: Currently browser onlyBest for: Web design plans, sitemaps, and user flow graphsIntegrations: SlackPrice: $15/mo – $199/moFree trial: Yes, 14-days#2 Eagle – Best for mood boards and design inspiration Of all the tools I use, Eagle is probably the one I use most frequently. Eagle is one of the coolest tools I have ever come across and one I use for not only web design projects but also for our graphic design and branding services. Eagle is a visual library to organize and view your fields. For Mac users, it is a better version of your Finder. I have Eagle synced to my Google Drive account and use it to view all of my saved designs, PSD mockups, and a million other reasons. The best part about Eagle is the never-ending file format list it supports. You can save and view PSDs, PDFs, JPGs, PNGs, Videos, Gifs, Word Docs, Powerpoints, and about twenty other formats. It is the perfect way to create a moodboard or collect inspiration for web design projects. Software overview:Platforms: macOS and WindowsBest for: Web…

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