15 Amazing Examples of Clean Web Design for your Inspiration

In the last few years, web design has changed significantly. Keeping the web revolution and responsive design aside, modern web design trends have quickly moved away from Skeuomorphism to a flat color scheme and significance of typography has increased, web designers are focusing more on content-first and lastly, page load speed has become one of the most important factors in deciding the success of a website. All of this has resulted in a clutter-free and simple experience for our readers. So, we have really arrived into the era of clean web design. Below you will find 15 websites with clean web design that we feel will summarize all of the aforementioned factors. All of these designs are stunning in their own way. Rest & Play Sandy Dauneau Harmonia Media Temple The Wellesley 100 2020 Digital Trends EcoShop Gotham Greens Output Quotery Huge Inc. Pluto Snowbird Six N. Five Teamgeek About Author Founder David Watson is the founder of DesignDrizzle and is a professional website designer for over 9 years. He has competence in creating visually appealing and user-friendly websites for all the clients. He likes to explore new and creative ideas for designing, photography effects and other inspirational subjects  » Read More

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