10 (Free) Data Structure and Algorithm Courses Junior Developers Should Explore

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Originally published by Javin Paul on June 5th 2019 Algorithms and Data Structure are two of the most fundamentals and important topics from Computer Science which is used everywhere in software development. I strongly believe that a good knowledge of these two topics are also key to become a better programmer because a person who has a good understanding of algorithms and data structures can make thoughtful choices and write programs which can handle changes better and perform well. They are also important to crack coding interviews at top tech companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple, which puts a lot of emphasis on candidate’s ability to use existing data structure and algorithms to solve complex problems they have never seen before. The only way to succeed in those interviews is strong knowledge of all fundamental algorithms, data structures and programming techniques like Recursion, Bit Manipulation, etc. Another thing which I have noticed a lot in programmers is shallow/partial knowledge of data structures. Many programmers think that just knowing the array or linked list is enough, but that’s true because everybody knows that. In order to distinguish yourself from the crowd, you also need to explore advanced data structures like a binary tree, binary search tree, balanced tree, heaps, graphs, hash tables, doubly linked list, circular list, stack, queue, a tree with more than two nodes, etc. If you are determined to take your data structure and algorithm skill to the next level and looking for some awesome free resources then you have come to the right place. In the past, I have shared some books, tutorials, and interview questions on algorithms and data structure and today, I’ll share some of the best courses on data structure and algorithms which are also FREE. These are online courses so you can use them to learn data structure and algorithms at the comfort of your office or home. You can also go at your pace and spend time on topics you find hard to understand. These courses cover both basic data structure like an array, linked list, and binary tree as well as advanced data structure like a stack, queue, trie, balanced tree, graphs, etc. 10 Free Algorithms Courses for Programmers Without any further ado, here is my list of some of the freely available courses to learn data structure and algorithms. I have purposefully included courses which teaches this topic on different programming languages like C, C , Java, JavaScript, Python, etc because even though the data structures and algorithms are generic, you can understand the implementation better if they are given in the programming language you know better. 1. Easy to Advanced Data StructuresThis is one of the best course you can get for free to learn data structure and algorithms. The course contains over 8 hours of content and as the name suggests covers both easy and advanced data structures. You will learn about the array, linked list, dynamic array, stack, queue, doubly linked list,  » Read More

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