10 Best UI Kits for Web Designers

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A good UI kit can make your life as a designer so much easier. They streamline your design process, save you time, and help ensure your designs look amazing and perform incredibly. With Webflow, you can use UI kits to quickly design and build full websites — eliminating the need for design tools like Figma or Sketch. We’ve selected 10 beautiful UI kits designed by the Webflow community to help you take your projects to the next level. Each UI kit template on this list is CMS-ready. This means you can design, add your content, and launch your site in (almost) no time! 1. Quicksmart Whether you’re designing for a big tech company, a small startup, or a mobile app, Quicksmart is the perfect UI kit template. It offers a huge selection of software-as-a-service (SaaS) and app-focused landing pages, as well as a robust library of ready-to-use interface kits and components. The vast array of flexible UI elements included in this kit are all designed to fit seamlessly together, no matter where you decide to place them on your site. Quicksmart makes it really simple to tweak the colors of your site. Thanks to its handy use of global color swatches, you can easily experiment with different looks, or apply your brand’s unique colors. One amazing feature of this UI kit is its multi-use legal page for your terms of service or privacy policy. As online users become more aware of how their data is collected, it’s important for all websites to have this. 2. Forest The Forest component library is a fast and convenient way to build and launch websites in Webflow. This UI kit is perfect for beginners and professional designers alike. The component-based approach makes it simple to use all of the kit’s pre-built UI elements. Forest is an excellent UI kit to bring your wireframes to life, and quickly create mockups. This means that you can share designs and prototypes with clients and teams in a matter of hours rather than days. If you’re looking for a wide range of cloneable components and fast, the Forest component library is for you. It contains over 300 beautifully designed components that work well together in any environment, and can integrate seamlessly with your existing website. Don’t believe us? Preview it in the Designer. 3. Timber Elegant and simple, the Timber UI kit is a flexible, component-based template — perfect for your next design project. With a focus on growth and lead generation, Timber is the perfect UI kit for startups or fast-growing companies. With a variety of effective CTAs and well designed micro-interactions, each element in Timber works hard to ensure that the visitor remains engaged with your site. As we all know by now, landing page design can have a huge effect on conversion rates. Timber contains a number of strong inner pages that can be customized and used as compelling landing pages for your online brand. Timber also allows you to integrate your own brand color palette easily. 4. Ollie Ollie provides you with everything you need to design a stylish website. This UI kit consists of an assortment of building blocks that you can control and apply as you wish — allowing you to build a polished website fast. You can also create your own, unique pages from modular UI templates. Ollie packs in a huge range of UI elements — multiple navigation and footer options, a full suite of inner pages, landing pages, different blog layouts, checkboxes, icons, and more. One of the strongest features of this UI kit is the variety of pricing…

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